Report 2018

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   These are some actions by VTJP in the past year:

   Anti-Occupation & Anti-Racism Activism

   BDS Organizing

  • VTJP continued to lead an international effort to end Ben & Jerry’s commercial complicity with Israel’s occupation. In April, on Free Cone Day hundreds of people sent emails to Ben & Jerry's about sales of their ice cream in illegal Jewish-only settlements in occupied Palestine.
  • Our allies in Finland challenged Ben & Jerry's at the World Village Festival.
  • VTJP sent letters in April and May to corporate executives at Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s parent company in the Netherlands, calling on them to put an end to their Israeli subsidiary’s business in occupied Palestine.
  • A letter with supporting documentation was sent by VTJP to the United Nations Human Rights Council asking that Ben & Jerry’s name be added to its database of companies doing business in occupied Palestine.    

   Community Awareness

  • VTJP wrote several articles published in the Peace and Justice Center newsletter and blog.
  • We collaborated again with Peter Schumann (founder of Bread & Puppet Theater) at the South Burlington Art Hop.
  • We organized a six-week long Palestine and Israel Film Series in Montpelier – the room was packed!
  • We supported our friends in Brattleboro when they published a full-page ad in the Burlington Free Press thanking Bernie Sanders for speaking out about Gaza.
  • We worked with a national organization to document that Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is still sold in illegal settlements.
  • In November 2017, we organized a series of actions under the heading "The Ghost of Lord Balfour" to recognize the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, and co-sponsored Steven Salaita's lecture at UVM on Palestine: Long Road to Freedom – Reflections on Resistance to Occupation & Colonialism on the Centenary of the Balfour Declaration.

Please DONATE to
Vermonters for Justice in Palestine
(Tax-deductible, via Peace & Justice Center)