Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel



July 15, 2013

Dear Board Member:

Earlier this year, Vermonters for Justice in Palestine launched a campaign to bring to public attention Ben & Jerry’s commercial partnership with Israel’s military occupation and Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.  Perhaps you have read our investigative report   We trust you were informed of our conversations and correspondence with Jostein, Rob and Jeff before and after the campaign began.

We deeply value our dialogue with your company on the question of Israel/Palestine and the occupation, which is why we waited nearly two years before going public with our concerns. This April 30th, that engagement deepened with a wide-ranging, candid conversation between VTJP and Ben & Jerry’s three above, plus Mike Graning.     Because we are committed not only to sustaining that dialogue, but expanding it, we are reaching out to each Board member.

Ben & Jerry’s has demonstrated time and again that its social mission is more than words on paper, and we see from the company’s website and other sources that your service as a Board Director is inspired by a commitment to that social mission, as well as to Ben & Jerry’s business model and continued success.

We would like to hear your thoughts about our campaign, and hope you will be open to a conversation.   Please let me know when might be a good time to speak and the best way to reach you.  You will be contacted shortly thereafter by a member of our organizing committee.  I will be facilitating that contact.   You can reach me at or 802-229-4011.

Thank you.



Mark Hage

Vermonters for Justice in Palestine