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Protest Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream sold in Illegal Settlements

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On Free Cone Day - April 4th - Your Ice Cream is Free - But Palestinians are Not!
Protest Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream sold in Illegal Settlements.
This Year: Give Ben & Jerry’s a Piece of Your Mind

Licking Apartheid
Licking Apartheid video by Apartheid Adventures
This year's New Special Project: Jam the switchboard - send your message directly to Ben & Jerry’s:
(If you can't call on Free Cone Day, Tuesday, try any other day next week.)
Phone Ben & Jerry's Vermont headquarters at (802) 846-1500 (8 am to 4pm EDT) to say you want an immediate stop to the marketing and sales of its "peace & love" ice cream in illegal, Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Suggestions - what to say when you call:
  1. Let the company know who you are and where you are calling from.
  2. Ask to speak to CEO Jostein Solheim; if not available Global Director of Social Mission Rob Michalak, or leave a message.
  3. Keep your message simple and direct. For example (and feel free to improvise):
  • I’m calling on Free Cone Day to urge Ben & Jerry's to be true to its Social Mission and international law by stopping sales of ice cream from your Israeli franchise to Jewish-only settlements. Doing business in Israeli settlements makes the company complicit with the crime of apartheid.
  • A year ago, in 2016, Human Rights Watch called on businesses to terminate all activity in Israeli settlements to comply with their human rights responsibilities.
  • In March, a United Nation’s report found Israel guilty of overseeing a “comprehensive system of apartheid” against the Palestinian people.
  • Do the right thing: stop the sale of your ice cream in illegal Israeli settlements.
This year's Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2017 marks the 5th consecutive year Vermonters for Justice in Palestine has organized a national solidarity action with our brothers and sisters in occupied Palestine.

If you can’t call …:
Send B&J CEO Jostein Solheim an e-mail of protest:

One more thing
Send us a quick e-mail to tell us that you called (and what you were told, if anything) or that you e-mailed the company.

  • And Again - Leaflet outside a Scoop Shop in your community.
    Download a Free Cone Day leaflet to print and distribute.
    Let us know
    if you plan to protest and inform people on Free Cone Day - April 4th.

  • Join us this April 4th on Free Cone Day!

    Please stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

    Vermonters for Justice in Palestine - BDS Committee