"Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice."
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  International Middle East Media Center
Israeli Authorities Seize Water in Occupied Golan (VIDEO)
25 Jul 2016 - via the
VIDEO: Settlers Again Storm Al Aqsa Under Heavy Police Protection
25 Jul 2016 - Groups of Israeli settlers entered Al Aqsa Mosque, this morning, under tight protection of Israeli police and special forces. PNN reports that, according to the Palestinian Information Center, the extremists aimed at carrying out Talmudic rituals...
Israeli Bill Pushes $78,000 Fine for Every Anti-occupation Post
25 Jul 2016 - NAZARETH, (PIC) — A new bill proposing fines for social media sites that do not remove anti-occupation content received the Israeli government’s approval on Sunday, the Jerusalem Post reported. The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved a...
Human Rights Groups Boycott Santana Concert
25 Jul 2016 - via  BDS National Committee Carlos Santana is scheduled to cross the international picket line called for by Palestinian civil society and perform in Tel Aviv on July 30 .
Official UNRWA Statement on Hebron Closures
25 Jul 2016 - 25 JULY  2016 UNRWA is deeply concerned about the humanitarian impact of the closure applied by the Israeli authorities in the Hebron district, affecting in particular Fawwar refugee camp. The closure was implemented following a series...
Army Kidnaps Eleven Palestinians In The West Bank
25 Jul 2016 - The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped, overnight and at dawn Monday, eleven Palestinians, including two women and two former political prisoners, in different parts of the occupied West Bank. The PPS...
Israeli Army Kidnaps Four Palestinians Near Jenin
25 Jul 2016 - The Jenin office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday at dawn, the town of Qabatia, south of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, and...
Army Kidnaps Two Palestinians in Hebron, Searches Homes And Closes Roads
25 Jul 2016 - Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday at dawn, several Palestinian homes in different parts of the southern West Bank district of Hebron, searched many homes, kidnapped two Palestinians, and closed many roads with sand hills and concrete...
Extremist Settlers Desecrate Islamic Sites in Kifl Haris
24 Jul 2016 - Israeli settlers, on Sunday, broke into Kifl Haris town, to the north of the West Bank district of Salfit, and proceeded to desecrate Islamic shrines there. Witnesses said, according to WAFA correspondence, that a large number...
ISM Photo Story: Friday Prayer at Ibrahimi Mosque — Running the Gauntlet
24 Jul 2016 - 22nd July 2016 | International Solidarity Movement | al-Khalil team Every Friday, many Palestinian Muslims come to Ibrahimi Mosque for prayers. To get to their place of worship, and home afterwards, they must run a gauntlet of Israeli...
  Ha'aretz Diplomacy & Defense
Israel charges Hamas militant from Gaza with numerous security offenses
Madhat Abu Sanima allegedly began his operations at the age of 15; in his youth he tried to plant bombs, before investing in a goods-smuggling tunnel from Egypt.
  Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Two Death Sentences Issued in Gaza in One Week, PCHR Concerned over Continuing Application of Death Penalty
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (10 – 16 Dec. ember 2015)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  International Solidarity Movement
Mental disability on the rise under the Israeli siege
6/9/2015 - International Solidarity Movement - Miguel Hernandez, Gaza, Occupied Palestine - The number of mentally disabled people in the Gaza Strip has increased substantially in the last years. It so happens that 70% of the cases come from the communities located near the fence that separates Gaza from the...
Iran destroys 100,000 'depraving' satellite dishes
07/24/2016 - Authorities say the banned satellite dishes are morally damaging, despite high-level calls for reform of the law.
Israel, the UN's Sixth Committee and international law
07/24/2016 - How can a state that is so opposed to all legally binding resolutions of the UNSC engage on questions of the law?
Israeli expulsion law 'violates all rules of democracy'
07/24/2016 - Critics fear the new legislation is designed to empty the Knesset of its Palestinian parties.
  Daily Star
Allouki vows to leave Lebanon and move to Germany for good
25 Jul 2016 Ziad Allouki, one of Tripoli’s field commanders whose name made headlines during the battles that plagued Lebanon’s second city, said Monday he would travel to Germany after his imminent release.
Alfa witness makes farewell appearance at STL ... for now
25 Jul 2016 Protected Witness PRH 707, a representative of Lebanon’s alfa cellular network, returned to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Monday for cross-examination.
Militants surrender to authorities in Ain al-Hilweh
25 Jul 2016 Two more militants from Ain al-Hilweh turned themselves over to the authorities Monday as sources say this is the result of increased cooperation between the Palestinian factions and the state security apparatus.
Palestinians discuss cooperation with Ibrahim and Kahwagi
25 Jul 2016 General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim agreed with Palestinian representatives Monday to increase cooperation between state institutions and Palestinian security forces.
Daesh leader’s ex-wife misses court date
25 Jul 2016 The ex-wife of Daesh (ISIS) leader missed her Military Court trial session Monday, prompting a co-defendant’s lawyer to question if she had left Lebanon with her current husband, something the court’s chair said was highly unlikely.
Erciyes warns against allowing Gulen foothold in Lebanon
25 Jul 2016 The Turkish ambassador to Lebanon declared Monday that his government now had overwhelming proof that political and religious figure Fethullah Gulen was behind the attempted coup in Turkey on July 15.
EDL contract workers strike goes nationwide
25 Jul 2016 Electricite du Liban contract workers in south and east Lebanon joined a strike Monday that had been staged by their colleagues in Beirut to pressure the company into meeting their longstanding demands.
NGO mobilizes young people for social change
25 Jul 2016 For nearly a year, a local NGO has been working together with organizations and universities across Lebanon to promote a range of social projects and environmental initiatives.
Police refute report of deadly minibus accident
25 Jul 2016 Police Monday denied reports that two people were killed in a traffic accident in southern Lebanon a day earlier.
Capital inflows to Lebanon seen dropping in 2016: IIF
25 Jul 2016 Nonresident net private capital inflows to Lebanon are projected to stand at $5 billion in 2016, a decrease of 11.6 percent from $5.7 billion in 2015, and down steeply from a peak of $14 billion in...
Egypt to get first tranche of $1.5B Saudi loan ‘soon’
25 Jul 2016 Egypt will soon receive the first tranche of a $1.5 billion loan from Saudi Arabia, an Egyptian minister said, a cash injection that could help to ease a dollar shortage that has weighed on economic growth.
  YNet News
Mikveh bill passes second and third readings, to become law
25 Jul 2016 - ....
Ben-Gurion: 'Since Paula died, I've been alone, I'm half a man'
25 Jul 2016 - In 1968, Israel's first prime minister gave a candid interview to an Israeli-British film crew producing a documentary about his life. For almost half a century, this footage was tucked away on a dusty shelf but now these rare conversations are coming to light. ....
Pedestrians in bike lanes also to be fined
25 Jul 2016 - The responsible Knesset committee has authorized a government bill to widen municipal enforcement of all sidewalk-related offenses, affecting cyclists, scooter-riders, and pedestrians. ....
Arab League expresses support for French peace initiative at summit
25 Jul 2016 - ....
We all lose in the Azaria trial
25 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: The trial of Elor Azaria – the Hebron soldier – is reaching its critical juncture with his testimony. But whatever outcome is reached will likely be bad for Israel in the end. ....
Die-hard Sanders' backers divided on backing Clinton
25 Jul 2016 - ....
PM claims that he will let go of some portfolios
25 Jul 2016 - Netanyahu personally holds four ministries in addition to leading the government; asked by a Knesset committee if running the foreign affairs was distracting from his other responsibilities, he stated that he will be releasing some portfolios; PM criticized state comptroller in committee. ....
Leaving children, and the country, behind
25 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: The state is abandoning ultra-Orthodox children when it waives core subject requirements for the sector's schools; this isn't just a problem for the young people being harmed, but a looming crisis for the entire country. ....
Jew on death row sues to keep kosher after chicken dinner
25 Jul 2016 - William Harry Meece has been removed from the kosher meals program after eating an unlabeled meal of rotisserie chicken; according to Meece and a Reform rabbi, this was not a violation of dietary laws. ....
Interior Ministry ordered to put both lesbian mothers on birth certificate
25 Jul 2016 - Three Family Court cases have ended in rulings instructing the ministry to put both the biological and adoptive mothers as a 'mother' on their children's first official document. ....
We are the future
25 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: Rulings in the Family Court requiring two lesbian mothers to both feature on their child's birth certificate don't surprise Orna Oshri; her 16 year old's identity card already shows both her mothers as 'mothers'; the unofficial war between LGBT people and the religious in Israel has kicked up a notch. ....
Lieberman: Egypt is our most important Middle East Ally
25 Jul 2016 - ....
Protective Edge bereaved families demand inquiry into war
25 Jul 2016 - In a letter to the PM and other senior political officials, parents who lost children during the 50-day operation demand that an external and independent inquiry committee be established in order to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the operation's handling: 'Every incident should be checked in a transparent manner,' say the parents. ....
Israeli teens attacked by hotel staff in Ayia Napa, Cyprus
25 Jul 2016 - A group of Israeli teenagers were attacked as they were checking out of a hotel in the Cypriot resort town of Ayia Napa; Hotel management claims they left thousands of Euros of damage behind, harassed guests. ....
2 dead, 16 wounded in Florida shooting
25 Jul 2016 - Three people detained for questioning after another shooting attack leaves at least two people dead and 16 injured: Police have since said that the area is safe despite having closed off roads during ongoing investigation. ....
Israeli woman gang raped in India
25 Jul 2016 - A 25 year old woman travelling in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh was gang raped after a car with six men in it offered her a ride to the Spiti valley; Indian police have arrested two suspects. ....
Azaria: 'If you suspect you don't hesitate, you fire'
25 Jul 2016 - A day after Sgt. Elor Azaria provided his first version of events surrounding the shooting of a neutralized terrorist, defendant maintains main line of defense: 'Try explaining to a mother whose son was killed because he didn’t shoot because he only suspected.' ....
Syrian bomber dies, 12 wounded in Germany explosion
25 Jul 2016 - In fourth attack in Germany in less than a week, a Syrian man set off a bomb outside of a music festival in Bavaria; the 27 year old was previously denied asylum; Bavarian interior miniser:' I think this was an Islamist attack.' ....
Cypriot President in lightning visit to Israel
25 Jul 2016 - Following Israel-Turkish reconciliation agreement, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades came to Jerusalem to discuss Israel's improving relations with Cyprus's rival; PM Netanyahu allayed the president's fears that improved relations with Turkey will come at the expense of relations with Cyprus. ....
The Trump of all fears
24 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: Donald Trump may not have done it elegantly, but he managed to ride the wave of anger that's been part of the Republican Party's self-destruction straight into the nomination. Will he be able to keep it going and win the presidency? ....
Father who forgot daughter in car: 'My heart is broken into pieces'
24 Jul 2016 - Yedidya, the father of 1-year-old Hannah Feldman, who died after being forgotten in a vehicle, says 'the feelings of guilt are unbearable.' He met with another father who forgot his daughter in a car, and the two plan on working towards legal measures that would prevent such incidents in the future. ....
Report: 21-year-old man kills woman with machete in Germany
24 Jul 2016 - The attack, which killed one woman and wounded two others, occurred in the southwestern city of Reutlingen, with the memory of Friday's deadly shooting in Munich still very much on the German people's minds. Police have stated that there is no indication that the incident was a terror attack. ....
In Israel, we do things better
24 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: Israel's newscasters harp on about how Israel would have handled the latest terror attack in Europe better, but they don't know much more than the average Joe. Still, they'll keep prattling on to keep the viewer from switching channels. ....
Beyond Compromise: “Our future is in our hands”
Palestine Monitor 26 Jul 2016 - June 26, 2012- Earlier this month, a new website titled Beyond Compromise was launched amidst much fanfare in the Palestinian blogosphere...
Susiya fighting for survival
Palestine Monitor 26 Jul 2016 - June 25, 2012-Five hundred people marched in Susiya, South Hebron on Friday to protest the planned demolition of 45 structures in the village. The peaceful march was violently stopped by ....
16 killed in Gaza in a week of Israeli bombardment
Palestine Monitor 26 Jul 2016 - June 25, 2012-On Monday morning June 18 a group of unknown armed men crossed the Sinai desert from the Egyptain border and killed an Israeli civilian....
Jenin Diaries: Burried Jewels, But Where?
Palestine Monitor 26 Jul 2016 - June 26, 2012- Koufrdan is a small village located a few kilometers west of the Palestinian city of Jenin. Its wells provide the main source of water for Palestinian farmers in the area due to its large amount of groundwater. It is the only village in...
Israeli Authorities Breach Last Month’s Prisoner Agreement
Palestine Monitor 26 Jul 2016 - June 24, 2012- After undergoing 71 days without food, Palestinian prisoner Hasan Safadi is back on hunger strike protesting the renewal of his administrative detention, a breach of the....
Palestinian Artist in Gaza Using Spices and Fruit as Paint
Occupation Magazine 25 Jul 2016 - Eman Hussein - BarakaBits - Abu Al-Eish explained that her main goal is to “promote the Palestinian cause to the World”. To be able to carry out her art she had to find alternatives for paint - not available under the siege. [bz]
Israel and Jordan working towards closer relations
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - A senior Israeli delegation has met with Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Al-Muki to discuss energy, water and employment projects.
How much should we push to change US policy towards Israel? Your contribution will decide.
Mondoweiss 25 Jul 2016 - Mondoweiss’s summer fundraising campaign began July 15, shortly over a week ago. As of today, donations to this campaign total over $32,000. Wow! This is about twice the total in the first nine days of our last fundraising campaign, and 30 percent higher than in our...
In new book, Ilan Pappé says settler colonialism and apartheid best explain Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Mondoweiss 25 Jul 2016 - On any occasion that an activist, academic or political commentator invokes remembrances of South African apartheid to deliberately draw parallels with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they can expect an immediate and exacting rebuke. However, launching his new collaborative book in East Jerusalem on Saturday night, esteemed Israeli...
Clintonites knocked out platform references to ‘occupation’ and ‘settlements’ in fear of Adelson, Zogby says
Mondoweiss 25 Jul 2016 - Clintonites on the Democratic Party platform committee knocked out condemnations of Israeli “settlements” and “occupation” from the platform out of fear of Sheldon Adelson, a Sanders rep on that committee said today in Philadelphia. James Zogby of the Arab American Institute spoke at a panel convened...
888 and Rank to bid for William Hill
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - Israeli online gaming company 888 has confirmed plans to form a consortium with Rank to bid for the British bookmaker.
Bank of Israel keeps August interest rate unchanged
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - In explaining its decision to keep the rate at 0.1%, the Bank of Israel Monetary Committee said that home price rises were still high.
Bernie or Bust: Democrats descend on Philly amid email scandal
Mondoweiss 25 Jul 2016 - The Democratic Party begins its national presidential convention in Philadelphia on Monday , under circumstances that political scientists refer to with the technical term “shitshow.” Internal Democratic party emails leaked Friday  on the Internet (by an international fascist Russian-run conspiracy or whateve r, but that doesn’t matter,...
Israeli tourist 'gang-raped' in northern India, two arrested
BBC 25 Jul 2016 - Two men are arrested after the alleged gang-rape of a 25-year-old Israeli woman in India's northern Himachal Pradesh state, police say.
On Israel/Palestine, Democrats and GOP both veer off course
+972 Magazine 25 Jul 2016 - Both parties’ platforms on Israel/Palestine are bad policy. By adopting a Netanyahu-like approach to the conflict, the GOP will only hasten Israel’s rightward drift. Democrats claim to support independence and dignity for Palestinians, but refuse to name the occupation. By James J. Zogby Republican presidential nominee...
DreaMed Diabetes raises $3.3m from Roman Abramovich
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - The funds will be used to develop the Israeli company's decision support technology platform for optimal insulin treatment plans.
‘There is no other place in the world where Americans bear so much responsibility for what happens’ –Ehrenreich
Mondoweiss 25 Jul 2016 - Ben Ehrenreich’s new book, The Way to the Spring, Life and Death in Palestine (Penguin Press 2016) , is a tough read. Tough because of what it evokes in any civilized reader: anger and despair — in equal doses. And particularly tough for an American Jewish reader...
Israeli tech transfer co SNÉ raises $2.5m
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - SNÉ won a government tender to provide IP commercialization to over 40 academic colleges, hospital and research institutes.
‘There’s a vicious fight in our community’: Simone Zimmerman talks Bernie for the first time
+972 Magazine 25 Jul 2016 - By Isaac Luria Simone Zimmerman has become an inspiring figure for American Jewish progressives in recent months — and a boogey-woman for the Right. When the Bernie Sanders campaign fired her over a Facebook post — in which she used some “colorful language” to describe the...
Iran judiciary: Corruption not limited to high salaries
Al-Monitor 25 Jul 2016 - The spokesman for Iran's judiciary announced that a total of four individuals have so far been arrested with a case involving Bank Mellat.
Sabrin Shi’ite Movement on the Verge of Collapse
Asharq Alawsat ME News 25 Jul 2016 - From ASHARQ AL-AWSAT . Gaza – Seems like the Shi’ite movement al-Sabrin is on the verge of collapse, as it is facing unexpected choices. … continue reading Sabrin Shi’ite Movement on the Verge of Collapse
Series of scandals rocks Israeli Orthodox Zionism
Al-Monitor 25 Jul 2016 - The gay-hate speech of Rabbi Yigal Levenstein, past statements by IDF Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim and the indictment of Gen. Ofek Buchris on alleged rape must drive Orthodox Zionism to do some serious soul-searching.
Syrian Regime Ready for Unconditional Negotiations…Opposition: We Don’t Trust Them
Asharq Alawsat ME News 25 Jul 2016 - From ASHARQ AL-AWSAT . Beirut-The High Negotiations Committee (HNC) of the Syrian Opposition was calm regarding Bashar Assad regime’s inclination to restart unconditional negotiations, … continue reading Syrian Regime Ready for Unconditional Negotiations…Opposition: We Don’t Trust Them
Will Hamas, Dahlan join forces in upcoming local elections?
Al-Monitor 25 Jul 2016 - Hamas has accepted to participate in the local elections that the Palestinian government announced to be held in October, but some observers believe the current division might obstruct said elections.
Who sent mystery drone into Israeli airspace?
Al-Monitor 25 Jul 2016 - Israel's air force is investigating a triple failure to bring down a drone that flew over the Golan Heights and is still unidentified.
Palestinians concerned about new Israeli NGO law
Al-Monitor 25 Jul 2016 - Palestinians working with B’Tselem and other human rights organizations are worried that the new Knesset law will restrict their work.
Imprisoned Palestinian women and girls: Teen detained over Facebook posts, injured woman denied medical care
Occupation Magazine 24 Jul 2016 - Samidoun - "Qamar Manasra, 16, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, remains detained after she was arrested by Israeli forces who invaded her home in Reineh village on Tuesday, 19 July. Her home was ransacked and her father and two brothers assaulted. Qamar is allegedly being investigated...
Film takes aim at media coverage of 2014 Gaza attacks
Occupation Magazine 24 Jul 2016 - Nora Barrows-Friedman - EI - “’Despite overwhelming evidence of the disparity of power between Israel and all Palestinians and the aggressiveness of Israel’s exercise of its power, including excessive and brutal violence and collective punishment in Gaza in the form of occupation, siege, and frequent military...
Israel to Expand Settlement Housing in Jerusalem with 770 Units
Occupation Magazine 24 Jul 2016 - IMEMC News & Agencies - "The Israeli District Planning and Building Committee in Jerusalem has deposited a plan for the construction of 770 new settlement units between the illegal settlement of Gilo and the West Bank village of Beit Jala, according to the PNN" [ry]
Police arrest nine during march in unrecognized Bedouin village
Occupation Magazine 24 Jul 2016 - Oren Ziv, Activestills.org - +972 - Nine Bedouin and Jewish activists arrested for trying to prevent JNF bulldozers from turning Al-Araqib’s land into a forest [ry]
West Bank, Gaza gear up for Palestine’s biggest sporting event
+972 Magazine 24 Jul 2016 - This year’s Palestine Cup, the biggest sporting event in the Palestinian territories, pits Hebron’s Ahly al-Khalil against Shabab Khan Younis. Could reconciliation on the field pave the way for national reconciliation? By Yoni Mendel Al Ahly team players celebrate after a football match for the Palestine Cup final between Gaza’s...
Syrian government pounds Aleppo on eve of Geneva meeting
Middle East Eye 25 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined President Assad's forces have intensified attacks on the rebel areas day before meeting between US and Russia on peace talks
Who singles out Israel, its critics or its apologists?
Middle East Eye 25 Jul 2016 - Apologists for Israel cannot really expect Palestinians to campaign for solving all the world’s ills before turning their attention on their occupier
Iran destroys 100,000 'illegal' satellite dishes
Middle East Eye 24 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined Authorities describe the banned satellite dishes as morally damaging, even amid high-level calls for reform of law
Retired Saudi general met Israeli politicians and ministers in Jerusalem
Middle East Eye 23 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined A Knesset member says General Anwar Eshki's visit was a sign that the Saudis want to 'open up' to Israel
5 Things To Expect When Bernie Sanders Speaks at the Democratic Convention
The Forward New 25 Jul 2016 - When Sen. Bernie Sanders, the 74-year-old Jewish democratic socialist from Vermont, began his campaign last year, no one expected him to take a strong insurgency all the way through the primary season. Now he’ll take his message of economic reform to a packed arena at the...
Simone Zimmerman Breaks Silence on Bernie Sanders, the Democrats †and Israel
The Forward New 25 Jul 2016 - For a five days in April, Simone Zimmerman was the most controversial figure in Jewish politics.
How One Funeral and 2 Dead Men Walking Herald Epic Shift on the Jewish Lower East Side
The Forward New 24 Jul 2016 - There was more than one corpse in the sanctuary of the Bialystoker Synagogue on the day that Heshy Jacob died.
Canadian Jews Help ‘Operation Ezra’ †Bring 7 Yazidi Families to Winnepeg
The Forward New 23 Jul 2016 - A small Yazidi community in Canada is teaming up with local Jewish organizations to help refugees running from ISIS find new homes.
Uganda: The Man Who 'Avenged' the 1976 Raid
allAfrica.com 25 Jul 2016 - [Monitor] Forty years on, much has been said, written and acted about the audacious Operation Thunderbolt, in which the Israeli army raided Entebbe Airport and rescued 103 hostages, from the grip of Palestinian hijackers.
Sudan: FM - Govt in Support of the Palestinian Cause
allAfrica.com 25 Jul 2016 - [SNA] Khartoum -Sudan on Sunday renewed its inalienable and clear position in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and their right to seek justice for crimes committed against the people including crimes against humanity, war crimes, killings and displacement of the Palestinians people.
Israel and Jordan working towards closer relations
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - A senior Israeli delegation has met with Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Al-Muki to discuss energy, water and employment projects.
Bank of Israel keeps August interest rate unchanged
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - In explaining its decision to keep the rate at 0.1%, the Bank of Israel Monetary Committee said that home price rises were still high.
DreaMed Diabetes raises $3.3m from Roman Abramovich
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - The funds will be used to develop the Israeli company's decision support technology platform for optimal insulin treatment plans.
Israel and Cyprus agree gas field cooperation
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Nicos Anastasiades agreed to cooperate over the neighboring Yishai and Aphrodite gas fields.
888 and Rank to bid for William Hill
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - Israeli online gaming company 888 has confirmed plans to form a consortium with Rank to bid for the British bookmaker.
Israeli tech transfer co SNÉ raises $2.5m
Globes Main News 25 Jul 2016 - SNÉ won a government tender to provide IP commercialization to over 40 academic colleges, hospital and research institutes.
9/09/2011 AIPAC Junkets to Israel Illegal: IRS-DOJ Complaint Filing
IRMEP 26 Jul 2016 - A complaint filed with the IRS and Justice Department charges the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is a "sham" charitable organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
5/16/2011 Obama vs. Reagan on AIPAC Documents reveal Ronald Reagan's response to Israel lobby invitation
IRMEP 26 Jul 2016 - President Obama accepts an invitation to speak at AIPAC, Reagan declined. Why?
4/18/2011 US Treasury Dept.: Tax-exempt US donation laundering into West Bank settlements "okay"
IRMEP 26 Jul 2016 - The US Department of Treasury has no program to combat massive flows of US tax-exempt charitable contributions into illegal settlement building. Despite ongoing public revelations of wrongdoing, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has never investigated or even discussed US charitable organizations with proven ties...
4/06/2011 US-Israel Trade: Espionage, Theft and Secrets - IRmep at University of Rochester
IRMEP 26 Jul 2016 - On April 6, Grant F. Smith presented a comprehensive review of the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement to the Finance and Economics Council at the University of Rochester. Using a slide show of declassified documents and charts, Smith revealed how secret agreements and a joint Israeli embassy/AIPAC...
3/28/2011 Neoconomics: Conscription and War as Wealth
IRMEP 26 Jul 2016 - Start-up Nation airbrushes one vital and enduring truth — when Israel faces sovereign barriers to foreign trade routes, weapons, or technology; it tends to break other country’s laws and steal what it thinks it needs.
3/07/2011 Israel lobbyist funds US Presidents, Israeli Nukes, AIPAC disinformation
IRMEP 26 Jul 2016 - According to new histories of Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program including "Israel and the Bomb" by Avner Cohen (1998), Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion secretly named Feinberg his chief nuclear weapons fundraising coordinator in 1958. According to Michael Karpin's "The Bomb in the Basement" (2007) Feinberg...
Two More Cities Drop G4S!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 26 Jul 2016 - As BDS turns 11, we must redouble our efforts.
Ending the Occupation of the American Mind
US Campaign to End the Occupation 26 Jul 2016 -
Make Progressive for Palestine a Reality
US Campaign to End the Occupation 26 Jul 2016 -
Tell the DNC: Support Palestinian Rights!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 26 Jul 2016 - This is outrageous! On June 24, the Democratic National Convention's (DNC) platform drafting committee voted against an amendment calling on Israel to end its military occupation of Palestinian land and its illegal settlements.
  Ma'an News
Israeli Justice Ministry drops probe after report that contractor behind Qalandiya killings
5/1/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- The Israeli who shot and killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and her teenage brother at the notorious Qalandiya checkpoint in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday was a private security contractor, not a member of the police forces, Israeli media...
Israeli forces detain 6 Palestinians in West Bank raids
5/1/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces carried out overnights raids across the occupied Palestinian territory Sunday detaining at least six Palestinians, including a 13-year-old boy. Locals told Ma’an that Israeli forces raided the southern occupied West Bank town of Beit Ummar north of...
UN: Israel's cement ban prevents hundreds of Gaza families from rebuilding homes
4/30/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israel’s punitive ban on cement imports into the Gaza Strip has prevented hundreds of families from rebuilding their homes devastated by the 2014 war, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a press release Thursday...
Settlers attack Israeli liaison officer in illegal Hebron outpost
5/1/2016 - HEBRON (Ma’an) -- A group of Israeli settlers assaulted an Israeli liaison officer in the southern occupied West Bank on Sunday, the Israeli police said. Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said in a statement that the officer came to the settlement outpost of...
  The Guardian
Israel and Turkey to announce end of six-year standoff
26 Jun 2016 - The animosity began when nine Turkish activists on a flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip were killed by Israeli forces Israel is planning on...
  Ha'aretz National News
Two members quit Israeli curriculum panel over exclusion of novel on Jewish-Arab romance
Ha'aretz - 11 Jul 2016
  Palestinian Information Center
Israeli police arrest 14 Jerusalemites following settlers' violence
25 Jul 2016 - The Israeli occupation police on Sunday afternoon arrested 14 Palestinian young men, four of them wounded, following skirmishes with Jewish settlers in the Old City of Jerusalem.
PA arrests Palestinian for condemning the coup attempt in Turkey
24 Jul 2016 - The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) preventive security apparatus arrested on Saturday the Imam Sheikh Naser Alawneh for condemning the coup attempt in Turkey.
Captive Masalmeh on hunger strike in protest at confinment
24 Jul 2016 - Palestinian Prisoner Society reported that captive Walid Masalmeh, from al-Khalil, has been on hunger strike for six days in protest at being isolated since October, 26, 2015.
65 settlers storm the Aqsa Mosque
24 Jul 2016 - Israeli police Sunday morning allowed 65 settlers to storm the Aqsa Mosque. They toured the plazas of the holy site amid explanations on the alleged Temple of Solomon.
Israel seizes 100 dunums of Yatta lands, tightens military grip
24 Jul 2016 - The Israeli High Court ruled for the misappropriation of 100 dunums of Palestinian lands in al-Khalil’s southern town of Yatta, in the southern occupied West Bank.
Israel to build 770 illegal settlement units
24 Jul 2016 - Israel's Jerusalem municipality local planning and construction committee presented the construction plan for 770 illegal settlement units.
Fanatic Israelis storm Islamic sites in Salfit
24 Jul 2016 - Extremist Israeli settlers stormed early Sunday morning Islamic holy sites in Kafl Hares town, to the north of Salfit city.
Oslo Limited Good Options to the Palestinian Solution
24 Jul 2016 - Palestinians have the right to resist like any people under occupation but they have been vilified if they resist and denied justice if they do not!
Prisoners in Israeli jails boycott Red Cross visits
24 Jul 2016 - In protest against the Red Cross decision to cut down family prison visits, Palestinian prisoners announced their refusal to receive the organization's delegates on Thursday.
Gunshots fired at home of Nablus mayoral candidate
24 Jul 2016 - Unidentified gunmen at dawn Sunday opened fire on the home and car of Muhammad Jihad Dweikat who has just announced his intent to run for the mayoral race in Nablus.
Injuries, arrests in Israeli abduction sweep
24 Jul 2016 - At least 10 Palestinians were arrested and others were injured at dawn Sunday in a mass-abduction sweep launched by the IOF across the West Bank and Jerusalem.
Hamas calls on citizens to register for the elections
23 Jul 2016 - Husam Badran, Hamas’s spokesman, called on Palestinians to register in the electoral register in order to be able to vote for the municipal elections.
Sit-in demands delivering bodies of martyrs in al-Khalil
23 Jul 2016 - Dozens of Palestinians including families of prisoners and martyrs whose bodies are detained by Israeli authorities participated in a sit-in at Ibin Rushd Square in al-Khalil.
The only survivor of Dawabsheh family returns to Doma
23 Jul 2016 - Child Ahmad Dawabsheh, the only survivor among his family who were burned alive by Israeli settlers, returned back to his village Doma after completing treatment at hospital.
UNRWA opens summer camp for children in Gaza
23 Jul 2016 - The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) opened on Saturday its annual Gaza summer camp under the theme “Let us have fun, a glance of hope mid of desperation”.
Abu Marzouk: Reconciliation is a must for successful elections
23 Jul 2016 - Mousa Abu Marzouk renewed his movement’s support of conducting municipality elections in Gaza Strip and the West Bank and preparing for general elections.
Settler shoots at Palestinian farmers in Bethlehem
23 Jul 2016 - An Israeli settler Saturday afternoon opened gunfire at Palestinian farmers while working in their lands near al-Khader town in southern Bethlehem.
Israeli policemen storm Bab al-Rahma cemetery in O. J’lem
23 Jul 2016 - Heavily-armed Israeli policemen violently stormed Saturday Bab al-Rahma cemetery adjacent to the eastern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Jewish settler tries to cross into Gaza, border soldiers arrest him
23 Jul 2016 - The Israeli army radio said that an Israeli reconnaissance unit on Friday prevented a Jewish man from being captured by al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas on the border with the Gaza Strip.
Homes raided, citizens detained in PA security campaigns in W. Bank
23 Jul 2016 - Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces at dawn Saturday stormed Jenin refugee camp, north of the West Bank, and raided several homes at the pretext of looking for weapons.
Is the Yemen peace deal for real?
JERUSALEM 08 October 2015 (IRIN) - Yemen's Houthi rebels say they are committed to peace, but is the deal for real? IRIN asks the experts. >
  New York Times
As ISIS Loosens Grip, U.S. and Iraq Prepare for Grinding Insurgency
25 Jul 2016 - The Islamic State’s suicide attack in Baghdad this month, officials say, foreshadows the violence it will unleash as it reverts to its guerrilla roots.
Notebook: The Democrats’ Damaging Damage Control
25 Jul 2016 - On Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s long exit.
2 Arrested in Rape of Israeli Tourist in India
25 Jul 2016 - The police are searching for four more people thought to have been involved in an attack on a woman in Manali.
Thomas Sutherland, Lebanon Hostage Who Was Freed After 6 Years, Dies at 85
24 Jul 2016 - Mr. Sutherland, an agriculture professor who was among dozens of Westerners kidnapped by Islamic militants in Beirut in the 1980s, was released in 1991.
Israeli Soldier Who Shot Wounded Palestinian Criticizes Superiors
24 Jul 2016 - Sgt. Elor Azaria, who killed a Palestinian attacker who his commander said posed no further danger, insisted he saw a “real and immediate danger.”
Feature: Could Hillary Clinton Become the Champion of the 99 Percent?
25 Jul 2016 - A coalition of progressives has been quietly building a plan to bring Occupy-style ideas into the political establishment. Will the Democratic nominee get on board?
  Jerusalem Post
Entire region concerned about ‘day after’ Iran deal expires
25 Jul 2016 - Asked by military reporters to comment on the status of the nuclear issue, Netanyahu said that the Iranian program has not vanished, and “is far from vanishing.”
IDF bans 'Pokemon Go' app from all military bases amid security fears
25 Jul 2016 - Army bans viral app from bases, which activates cameras, GPS sensor and leaks data, military sources say.
The illegal car trade of the West Bank
25 Jul 2016 - PA security forces say 50,000 Palestinians own stolen vehicles.
Yet another deadline for launch of IBC
25 Jul 2016 - The announcement was in the wake of a compromise reached between Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon who had been opposed to any delay.
Herzog rivals ask for secret ballot vote
25 Jul 2016 - MKs Shelly Yacimovich, Omer Bar-Lev, and Erel Margalit wrote that a secret-ballot vote was required for a fair competition at Sunday's Labor convention.
Family of Mengistu protests family visit of Palestinian prisoners
25 Jul 2016 -
Liberman hopes to make West Bank checkpoints more 'secure and humane'
25 Jul 2016 - Liberman spoke during his Questions Hour, in which MKs may ask him anything without telling him in advance.
Israel, US may soon seal new 10-year defense aid deal
25 Jul 2016 - Israel is set receive $3.1 billion from the US in 2017, which is the year that the old deal expires.
Netanyahu: Claim we were unprepared for Gaza tunnels is 'opposite of the truth'
25 Jul 2016 - According to information seen by the Post, the prime minister convened 8 cabinet meetings and ordered the defense establishment to prepare tunnel counter-means.
Netanyahu defends much-maligned Foreign Ministry
25 Jul 2016 - Netanyahu appeared before the committee in his capacity as Foreign Minister, to respond to a State Comptroller report criticizing the government's public diplomacy and boycott-battling efforts.
Byzantine-era mosaic to be restored in Jewish Quarter’s Cardo section
25 Jul 2016 - Old City beautification project initiated to celebrate 50-year anniversary of reunification of Jerusalem.
MKs, Christians and Israel supporters come together at the Knesset to condemn BDS
25 Jul 2016 - The overall message of the event was that the future looks positive
The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of July 25
25 Jul 2016 - In turmoil over leak, Democrats point finger at Russia, Kaine one of few senators not to sign letter to Obama urging increased MoU, German University claims Israel harvests Palestinian organs.
Syrians in Lebanon hit by arrests, curfews and hostility after bombings
25 Jul 2016 -
Netanyahu: Israel working to strengthen ties with US Jewish community
25 Jul 2016 -
Liberman: Government mustn't have stance on Hebron shooter until trial's end
25 Jul 2016 - Defense minister launches veiled criticism of his predecessor, Moshe Ya'alon, who said that the soldier had sinned.
Historic archeological discovery of Egyptian statue unearthed in Tel-Hazor
25 Jul 2016 - Hazor is the largest biblical-era site in Israel and a UNESCO Heritage Site.
French PM: France will never deny Jewish historical ties to Jerusalem
25 Jul 2016 - Manuel Valls made the statement in a letter penned to Shmuel Rabinovitch, the Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Sites of Israel.
French PM: France will 'never deny' Jewish rights to Jerusalem
25 Jul 2016 -
Late Jewish Russian oligarch Berezovsky's estate 'hopelessly insolvent'
25 Jul 2016 -
Israeli-Beduin film 'Sand Storm' to be released in US
25 Jul 2016 - The feature length drama centers on the struggles of two Beduin women in southern Israel.
Hebron shooter confesses: The knife was not near al-Sharif like I told police
25 Jul 2016 - Trial proceedings resumed Monday morning after adjourning early Sunday due to IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria feeling unwell.
Israeli tourist reports she was gang-raped in India
25 Jul 2016 - Israeli Consulate says it has checked the issue with Indian police, who confirmed that a rape report was filed.
Analysis: Legal dramas of the IDF intrinsically linked to Israeli society
24 Jul 2016 - Trial of Elor Azaria reflects decades-long dilemmas faced by young Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.
Your baby’s in the car! New apps and laws try to save lives
24 Jul 2016 - According to their figures, there have been at least 381 cases involving 428 children left in cars in Israel since 2008. Of those, 28 have died.
Bar encourages outsiders to challenge Herzog
24 Jul 2016 - When asked by Army Radio if he was openly calling for Herzog to be replaced, Bar noted that Herzog himself has said repeatedly that the party needed new blood.
Knesset meeting turns ugly over stalled IBC launch
24 Jul 2016 - Israel Broadcasting Corporation not ready for television broadcasts.
Palestinian hunger striker sparks widespread protest
24 Jul 2016 - 48 join in support against administrative detention.
Another pre-Rio gold for Israel’s rhythmic gymnastics team
24 Jul 2016 - The event in Baku was the team’s last before it leaves for Rio and first since a committee set up by the Israel Gymnastics Association looked into the conduct of head coach Ira Vigdorchik.
Israel and Cyprus downplay crisis in ties over Turkey reconciliation
24 Jul 2016 - Anastasiades flies to Israel on short notice, both sides deny problems in ties as a result of Israel’s reconciliation with Turkey.
Hebron shooter: All of my IDF commanders are liars
24 Jul 2016 - "I had no choice but to shoot the terrorist to stop serious, immediate danger which could have killed many."
Settlers: Only legislation will legalize the Amona outpost
24 Jul 2016 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has in the past opposed such legislative drives to deal with unauthorized settler homes and is expected to do so in this instance as well.
Iran destroys 100,000 satellite dishes in morality-driven crackdown
24 Jul 2016 -
Saudi delegation to Israel: Ending Palestinian conflict critical for ties with Arab states
24 Jul 2016 - Saudi general Anwar Eshki leads group of businessmen and academics on rare Israel visit in part to promote the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative.

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